SDCC: "Teen Titans Go!" Cast Chats With Fans, Sings Songs & Talks Weird Al

An enthusiastic, capacity crowd of all ages filed the room for Comic-Con International's annual "Teen Titans Go!" panel. The nearly hour-long event saw Executive Producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath and cast members Scott Menville (Robin), Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), and Khary Payton (Cyborg) interact with the crowd, tell funny stories and even break out into song. The panelists elicited a lot of laughs from the audience and Menville, Cipes, and Payton deftly moved in and out of their character voices while answering questions or telling anecdotes to everyone's delight.

Comic Book Resources Executive Producer Jonah Weiland moderated the lively panel that kicked off with the cast performing songs from the show. Payton played guitar and sang "All I Know Is Pain" with assistance from Cipes and Menville, while Cipes brought Raven cosplayers up to the stage for his ode to "BBRae" with the words shown karaoke style on the big screen.

Asked about upcoming episodes, Jelenic said one would be spoken entirely in Pig Latin, similar to the infamous "Waffle" episode. "Greg never made friends with the Pig Latin," Menville said. "Greg had one line that gave him a hard time [and] he finally nailed it and our director... said, 'Okay, we need take two.' And Greg, who's normally up for anything, said, 'Nope, I'm not [going to do it]."

"I came in late that day and [when I got there], he was a puddle on the floor," Payton added, as Cipes defended himself by saying, "I'm good at other things."

Jelenic and Horvath wrote the episode using a Pig Latin translator, also giving Menville the task of a full monologue in the language. Menville began reciting it but, after a brief exchange with Payton, opted to for his favorite part, which was yelling, "Itans-Tay, O-Gay!"

When Weiland turned the conversation to an upcoming appearance of Darkseid, Payton joked that they had cast Edward James Olmos before Jelenic revealed he would be played by Weird Al Yankovic. Stating that Darkseid only needed a throat lozenge, Jelenic said "he's a lot less threatening when he says he's going to kill everyone when he sounds like Weird Al."

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Everyone on the cast is a big Weird Al fan, with Menville and Cipes noting that he never ages. "His hair just gets longer," Payton observed. "All his songs are about food, and all the 'Teen Titans Go!' songs are about food" so it was a perfect match, Jelenic added.

A discussion on which character the actors like the best on the show -- besides their own -- led to compliments for Menville's Robin. Cipes said he was the comedic backbone of the series, a sentiment with which Payton agreed. Payton said he admired how much energy Menville puts in every performance, citing a time when he had to sing an entire song like a hawk, mimicking the way Menville would flap his arms like wings during takes. Menville thanked Payton for all the nice things he said, but noted he was looking at him in the monitor and not as his actual face. Menville, who couldn't decide which character was his favorite because it would change from episode to episode, finally settled on Silkie, Starfire's pet alien.

The audience questions turned into a sort of rapid fire Q&A, with around thirty children (who referred to all of the voice actors by their character names) and one grown-up peppering the cast with queries. The kids' questions ranged from whether Robin and Starfire would get together, if we would meet any parents beside Trigon (which led to a few awkward but funny allusions to Robin's parents), if characters like Slade or Jinx would return (Payton assured one little girl that Cyborg and Jinx hang out regularly, and their relationship was doing fine), and if any Super-Pets would appear -- in particular, a "Flash hamster". Whenever possible, the panelists went for laughs with their answers. Many of the questions turned into pitches, somehow, and Jelenic and Horvath even offered one kid a position on the writing staff.

One little girl asked if Superman would appear and the Executive Producers replied, "Possibly." Jelenic did say that the Justice League will have been captured in the Darkseid episode which leads the Titans to dress up as them. Jelenic further revealed that Cyborg would be dressed as Green Lantern when a kid asked about a GL appearance. Cyborg will use his ring to "manifest 'The Golden Girls,'" as nothing is more powerful than four sassy grannies that are life-long friends, though it was unclear whether he was joking or not.

The sole adult to ask a question noted how easily the actors slip into their characters, and wondered how that came to be. Payton explained that for him, it's basically just his voice, but a little higher. Cipes looked at the character description and drawing and that voice came out, one that he'd never done before. "I guess [Beast Boy] just lives inside of me." He then had an exchange with himself in which Beast Boy was hungry and demanded food. Menville said a lot of actors will find a catch phrase or word that will quickly get them into character -- his is, "Yes!"

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