SDCC: Surviving "The Walking Dead Escape" with Andhrea Gapunay

After the unfortunate demise of CBR editor Steve Sunu during last year's "The Walking Dead Escape," editorial decided to attempt to discover what happened to him this year in the contaminated zone. To that end, CBR editor-in-chief and producer Jonah Weiland sent the one person he could really trust -- his assistant, Andhrea Gapunay -- into the contaminated zone of San Diego's Petco Park during Comic-Con International. While editorial has not yet received any communication from Andhrea, the following video arrived at the CBR Yacht in an unmarked package.

Hopefully, with the help of her fellow survivors, Andhrea was able to make it through the contaminated zone and editorial will hear from her in the coming days. Until then, we'll watch this video and pray...

NOTE: The following video contains adult language.

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