Spider-Man's Spider-Geddon and Venom Continue to Expand

Lowe shifted to the fall Spider-Geddon event which returns to the alternate worlds of Spider-Verse – ramping up with the Edge of Spider-Geddon run of one-shot stories by the likes of Gerard Way, Aaron Kuder, Jason Latour and a raft of collaborators. Some of these are faces fans have seen before like Spider-Punk, but Kuder's in particular will focus on a mysterious Spider who has a connection to the Osborn legacy.

The Spider-Geddon story proper launches with a #0 by Gage and Clayton Crane bringing in the Spider-Man from the incoming Insomniac video game into the fray, and then in October the series proper picks up with #1 by Gage, Dan Slott and Jorge Molina. Once the full event gets underway, fans will see characters like the Renew Your Vows take on down the line. But the core conflict involves the Parkers battling an Inheritor villain – a vampire-like race seen before in the form of Morlun from J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr.'s run on the series from the early 2000s.

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Other tie-ins include Spider-Girls from Jody Houser and collaborators as well as Spider-Force from Priest and Paulo Siqueira under covers by Shane Davis. Finally there will be Vault of Spiders – another anthology with work from Cullen Bunn, Javier Pulido, Brian North and more which will bring in versions of Spider-Man including the version based on the classic '70s Japanese TV series.

Joining the line in October is the "Doc Ocktober" promotion anchored by The Superior Octopus by Chris Gage and Mike Hawthorne with covers by Travis Charest. "This book, every five pages there is something that will shock you," Lowe teased.

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The next big story for Spider-Gwen will be the series Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider by Seanan McGuire and Rosi Kampe with covers by Bengal. This is the next phase for the popular spinoff character that takes her to a new chapter after creators Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez wrapped their initial epic. "We make sure the Spiders have mission, and Gwen's mission [here] is critical to what happens in Spider-Geddon," said Lewis before introducing McGuire who was in the audience and saying the YA novelist had big things happening in her first comics gig.

Lowe finished his prepared remarks promising that Marvel would have some major X-Men news coming on Sunday at the show.

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