Spider-Man's Spider-Geddon and Venom Continue to Expand

Spider-Man has become more than a single character in the age of Marvel's media dominance, and Marvel Comics has taken that idea to heart in its current run of Spider comics. Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the publisher beat the drum for its core Spider-Man titles as well as the many alternate universe spinoffs on the way this fall.

Marvel editors Nick Lowe and Devin Lewis joined writers Nick Spencer and Donny Cates to talk all-things web slinger.

Spencer hyped the crowd for the second issue of the new Amazing Spider-Man, part of the series' twice-monthly shipping schedule that will carry the line and dictate the course of Peter Parker's life. The writer said he wrote every issue of every main Spider-Man series in history to prep for this gig, though Cates joked, "Do you read any Venom? I hear the new stuff is pretty good!"

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The writer of Eddie Brock's new series that deepens the mythology of Venom shared upcoming covers for the book which includes dragons and swordplay and even more heavy metal elements that fans may not expect from a Venom series.

In keeping with the expansion of that brand, the panel talked about weekly series Venom: The First Host which runs throughout August to celebrate the character's 30th anniversary. The series by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley will tell the story of the first host for the symbiote before we saw the alien appear in Secret Wars in the '80s. Cates said that he's working with Costa are working in tandem to make sure the details of all the series surrounding the character will synch and the various books will support each other for fans who check them all out.

Similarly, Web of Venom: Ve'Nam by Cates and Juanan Ramirez is the first of a series of quarterly one-shots that will focus on pieces Venom's hidden history as a soldier in the Marvel U. "We say that Nick Fury was the one who started the symbiote solider program during the Vietnam War, and this tells the story of that...a very special guest star that I've never gotten to write before shows up. And they go off to fight 'predators' in the jungle," he said, emphasizing the feel of the capital-P Predator with all-new Marvel characters. But Cates promised each of these one-shots would have major moments in them that would build up to impact the modern-day series.

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