SDCC: Snipes Says Conversations with Marvel Continue Beyond "Blade"

According to Wesley Snipes, he and Marvel Studios have had talks about doing either another "Blade" film or another project that he claims could easily go up against the half-human, half-vampire hybrid.

"I can break the story right now," Snipes told IGN. "Marvel and I, Wesley Snipes, have decided to have further conversations about doing another 'Blade.'"

"It's a topic of conversation. You know, it's inescapable. They have their agenda, we have ours, and we're both moving at an accelerated pace to create magic, so we'll see if it all matches up. There's a strong possibility but, if not, we have another project that's going to rock them that'll stand toe-to-toe with Blade," he added.

When asked if there were any other superheroes he would like to play, he said, "Yes, there are. I should leave that until we have our next... meeting. We'll talk about that a little later."

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