SDCC: Skybound's "Clones" Being Developed For NBC

"Clone," the sci-fi thriller from Image Comics and Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint, is being developed for television by NBC Universal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is part of the overall deal creator David Schulner ("The Event," "Kings") has with Universal Television.

Written by Schulner and illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano, "Clone" tells the story of Dr. Luke Taylor, who discovers that because of experiments performed by his estranged father, there are many genetic copies of himself -- and they want his wife and unborn daughter. Or, there's the more Hollywood-oriented logline: "What if there were more of you? And what if you could save those versions of yourself from being killed. The show's themes of identity and nature verses nurture are intrinsic to the roller-coaster ride of a story." "Clone" #9 will be released Wednesday.

Schulner will write the pilot script and serve as executive producer alongside Kirkman and "The Walking Dead's" David Alpert and David Engel.

"I knew if I went off the rails too badly Robert would be there to put me back on track," Schulner said in a statement. "Now I've been writing the comic for two years, Issue 9 comes out next week and I just finished writing Issue 15, so to be able to turn it into a television show is just icing on the cake."

"Clone" marks the fourth television deal for Kirkman and Skybound, following AMC's hit "The Walking Dead," and planned adaptations of "Thief of Thieves" and the writer's upcoming exorcism series.

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