SDCC: Ron Perlman Wants to "F---ing Finish" the Hellboy Trilogy

During the "Hand of God" panel at Comic-Con International, actor Ron Perlman addressed the tweet he sent out about a month ago regarding "Hellboy III" that set social media aflame -- and his passionate desire to do one last film.

"If there's a real honesty to fan culture relationships, we owe the world the finale of Hellboy," the actor said of the films based on writer/artist Mike Mignola's fan-favorite creation. "We set up the whole film. It's a deal we made [with fans]. I don't want to do 'Hellboy IV' or V. I want to finish the fucking trilogy!"

As to what he feels that third film might be about, Perlman sees the character of Hellboy having to embrace his darker side and become the beast of the Apocalypse in order to defeat the film's main foe.

Perlman also said that he had to call studio executives to apologize for the June 3 tweet and acknowledged that while he's spoken with director Guillermo del Toro, there has been nothing concrete regarding a possible third film.

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