SDCC: Robin Lord Taylor and His Waddle of Penguins Descend on Comic-Con

Comic-Con International brings out the stars, there's no doubt about it. From vigilante archery masters to world-renowned puppets, almost everyone finds their way to San Diego this time of year. Some folks don't like to travel alone, however. As they say, birds of a feather...

"Gotham" star Robin Lord Taylor came to SDCC with a waddle (yes, that's the agreed upon term) of Penguin lookalikes following his tail. The umbrella-handling waddle (had to) were on hand for some photo-ops by that marina. Elsewhere, fans could get a pic of their own at the Villainous 3-D photo op setup at the Petco Interactive Zone. The structure featured Oswald Cobblepot himself in the center of a relief surrounding by all the baddies from the hit Fox show.

Check it out:

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