SDCC: Robert Kirkman Reaches Beyond The Walking Dead

Kirkman went on to address a popular question, telling the audience that he'll likely never bring the character of Daryl into the comics for a number of reasons, but most of all because he likes all the different versions of the franchise to have their own unique elements. "I want there to be something unique about every iteration of The Walking Dead, so you're not watching the same story over and over and over again," he said.

Kirkman also promised that he wouldn't reveal how the zombie apocalypse in the story started, but he does know the answer -- along with one other person. He revealed it to his nine-year-old daughter recently under the promise that she would never reveal it. "She said yes, and I could tell she was lying...but she's nine, so maybe she'll forget."


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Kirkman was asked about the incoming screen adaptation of his superhero comic Invincible and what he wanted to include in the new movie. "The weird stuff excites me. I'm excited for the Trash Land again... things no one in this room care about," he laughed. The writer also promised that key Invincible moments from the series history would be represented in the show, even as he had his hopes set on the more idiosyncratic corners of the universe, like issue #97 featuring the origin of Zandale Randolph.

He went on to say of the movie that the work being done will keep heart in the final film. "The lion's share of the work on the movie is being done by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg...and one of the things I love about their movies is that the characters are instantly relatable," he said. "That tells me the book is in good hands...and then when the movie comes out, I'll take all the credit for it."


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The writer regaled the audience with stories of the mundane aspect of working in comics and media. Tanner Johnson, a friend and director on DuckTales, is someone who frequently gets confused for Kirkman because "every big guy with a beard looks like me for some reason." The running gag between them about their appearance reached its apex last year at Comic-Con, where Kirkman was confused for Johnson. The writer made the fan take a photo with him.

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