SDCC: Raimi Discusses 'Ash vs Evil Dead' Characters, Premise & Tone

Ahead of Starz's panel for its upcoming horror/comedy series, "Ash vs Evil Dead" co-creator, producer, director and writer Sam Raimi spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the show, its characters and just how far Bruce Campbell's titular character has evolved since the last movie.

"He’s gone through tremendous changes," Raimi assured fans. "He’s now old, cocky and stupid.

"Really, I’m not exaggerating. He has regressed," Raimi continued. "He’s back to being a stock boy, and he’s working now at the Value Stop and he’s still a little bit of a blowhard. He’s been hiding out pretty much, trying to lay low since his last two encounters with the evil dead. And old age is starting to set in on him. He’s got some teeth problems, and he could be incontinent perhaps. He might be wearing a diaper. And he’s got a few problems coming his way, but because of a foolish mistake he makes, the evil dead are again awakened and that’s what kicks off the series."

"We’re trying for the horror of the first 'Evil Dead,' and the character of Ash as he really developed in the second 'Evil Dead,'" Raimi added of the series' overall tone. "So, probably a bit of a combination."

Raimi also filled in some details on the rest of the show's cast, including Lucy Lawless' character, Ruby, who he describes as Ash's nemesis and "a very mysterious character." "She’s going to hunt Ash down, and she’s going to use Amanda Fisher -- this Michigan state police detective, who also has her own agenda -- to be her huntress, her woman in the field."

As for whether the show will dip its toe into the world of time travel, Raimi was semi-noncommittal. "I’ll just say in the first nine episodes -- ’cause we’re still working on the 10th one -- we’ve not opened the world of time travel yet. There’s so much to do just in in the modern day world with Ash and the friends he makes and the partners that fight with him and the team he forms -- we didn’t have to open that up just yet."

Premiering this fall, the television sequel to the cult movie franchise picks up with Ash having spent the past three decades avoiding maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. But when a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, he’s forced to face his demons -- both metaphorical and literal.

Campbell will headline an “Ash vs. Evil Dead” panel Friday at Comic-Con alongside Sam Raimi, Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert.

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