SDCC Photo Parade 2013: Thursday

Another Comic-Con International has come and gone, and while San Diego is but a memory, that doesn't mean we're finished with it just yet. In addition to our continuing coverage of panel reports, interviews and more, Comic Book Resources continues its annual tradition of breaking down the show's sights and spectacle with our photo parades! This time around, things are a little bit different, however, as CBR's head honcho Jonah Weiland finds himself cast away on a tropical beach, recovering from the grueling 2013 CBR TV schedule, leaving Senior Editor Stephen Gerding in charge of things -- including the comments on Pinguino Kolb and photos below!

Photos by Pinguino Kolb

Man, I could have used an hour here.Giant Ice KingThis Hello Kitty/Uglydoll mashup is amazingFantastic Aquaman cosplay!"Lone Wolf and Cub" co-creator Kazuo Koike

and his translatorDueling Mad Hatters!It's amazing how TARDIS cosplay has become a thingI can't remember ever seeing a bad Mortal Kombat cosplayLotR meets Star Wars is a fan film waiting to happenThe candy cane baseball bat really sets off

the crazy in Harley's smile. Well done!Disney's evil Queen seems rather friendly to meA pixely pixy - this has to be a Minecraft thingAdorable Princess BubblegumLego!Avengers Assemble!This racing game promoting History Channel's "Vikings"

looked like a lot of funMega ManWalking Dead Game boothSergio Aragones autographs a vintage collection of his comicsI think this is Cable hiring Boba Fett to find

his missing eye. Deadpool's gonna be so jealous!

Photos by Caitlin Holland

"Wreck It Ralph's" Vanellope Von SchweetzDC's First CoupleMs. MarvelCasey Jones seems a little too friendly with BebopThe first truly frightening, yet genuinely impressive,

sight of the showGender-swapped Winter Soldier cosplayReally impressive Black PantherContinuities collide in this Bane/Batgirl team-upWe need more Big Barda cosplayNot clear on what this is, but it looks badassMass Effect cosplayersEven more Mass Effect cosplayA fresh take on Batman's rogues galleryWe're obviously past the days of cardboard and duct tape costumesStatic ShockThis Nova cosplay is like an Ed McGuinness

drawing come to life. Amazing!Baby Hellboy flanked by Spidey's foesImpressive battle-damaged Iron Man cosplayThis take on Young Justice's Cheshire is fantasticEvil clowns are evilA different take on Chewie and HanYoung Justice member Ms. MartianFuture Avengers movie line-up?Deadpool-Hulk smash!Maybe we'll get the Enchantress in the third Thor movieJim Lee smiles for the cameraThis looks kind of Adventure Time-ish to me, but I

don't know. Whatever it is, it's fun!This just looks uncomfortableExcellent Wonder Woman - love this take on the characterCaptain Marvel's fanbase continues to growI know not what this is, so let's just call it

the Stuff of Nightmares!!Teenage Mutant Ninja People doesn't quite singMore TARDIS cosplay, with bonus HAL 2000The level of craftsmanship in Transformers cosplay

continues to astound me, year after yearWelcome to LEGO GothamThe cast of DC Nation's "Teen Titans Go!" Loom largeRobin's certainly amused by something

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