SDCC Photo Parade 2013: Saturday

We're three days into our annual Comic-Con International photo parades (You can check out Thursday and Friday here), and Saturday shows no sign of slowing down with celebrities, comic pros and the ever-amazing cosplay contingent all making appearances. CBR's man in charge Jonah Weiland continues his south of the border sabbatical, leaving Senior Editor Stephen Gerding in charge of running with some commentary to go along with Pinguino Kolb and photos. Let's get to it!

Photos by Pinguino Kolb

hell to deal with in the con aislesMabel from Gravity Falls!Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:

Peter Gadiot, Emma Rigby, Sophie Lowe,

Naveen Andrews and Michael SochaBates Motel: Freddie HighmoreBates Motel: Max ThieriotBates Motel: Olivia CookeBates Motel: Vera FarmigaOnce Upon a Time: Robert CarlyleOnce Upon a Time: Lana ParillaOnce Upon a Time: Jennifer MorrisonOnce Upon a Time: Ginnifer GoodwinThe cake is a lieA Tardis appears on the Lego "messageboard"Great Psylocke - the blade is a nice touchYou're never too old

to do some kickass cosplaySpaceballsGenderbent Kingdom HeartsDeadp00lmau5 and Spideymau5Protesting the protestersTomorrow People: Peyton List Tomorrow People: Mark Pellegrino Tomorrow People: Robbie AmellTomorrow People: Danny Cannon and Phil KlemmerGrumpy CatEven pets need Star Wars costumesSexy Chewbacca and every Oompa Loompa (Deep Roy)That's the fanciest hobby horse

I've ever seenLarime Taylor sketches for a fan.Zombie walk!

Photos by Caitlin Holland

Joker comic? How?!?As impressive as this is, I'm left wondering

where the rest of the Metel Men are Joss Whedon reacts to the crowd at Marvel's

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. presentationThe Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are really enjoying Comic-Con I love this take on Poison IvyCaptain Marvel and his young ward Beast Boy The littlest BatmanTruly impressive Cyborg outfit KNEEL BEFORE MAGNETOSeriously - everyone loves Power Girl My money's on the RocketeerOur obligatory Slave Leia cosplay An incredibly detailed Queen of HeartsPoison Ivy and Scarecrow The always amazing John LaymanKyle Higgins "The Movement's" Gail Simone and Freddie Williams IILine Relief! The World's Mightiest Heroes!Seriously - I think Marvel may have a hit on its hands... Marvins the Martians!Futurama's John DiMaggio kissing a chihuahua on

the bridge of the Enterprise Heath Ledger-esque Harley QuinnThe cast of Wreck-It Ralph Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo pose with "Batman"Snyder and Capullo greet a fan The Sandman: Overture's

J.H. Williams III (L) and Dave McKeanYou know female Loki has to make it to the

big screen at some point

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