SDCC: 'Once Upon A Time' Expands Disney Universe With 'Brave's' Princess Merida

Over its first four seasons, ABC's Once Upon A Time has at times resembled the world's most elaborate Disney animation fan fiction -- drawing in characters from everything from Sleeping Beauty to Frozen and beyond. And next year, that practice will grow into the world of Pixar.

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, series producers revealed that in the upcoming fifth season, the character of Princess Merida from the animation studio's hit Brave will arrive in Storybrook. As EW notes, the Disney Princess will be played by Scottish actress Amy Manson of Being Human fame.

The independent-minded princess will be stepping into a show already full of twisting plotlines as Season 5 also deals with Emma being transformed into Dark Swan, Regina and Robin Hood's ongoing romance and magical fallout from last year's finale and the disruption of Rumple's magic.

Once Upon A Time returns this fall to Sunday nights on ABC.

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