During the "Suicide Squad: Most Wanted" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, DC Comics showcased plenty of new art from books including "Suicide Squad: Rebirth," "Harley Quinn," "Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys" and more.

Check out a full gallery of the art and descriptions below:

"Suicide Squad: Rebirth" arrives August 3, surrounding Harley Quinn with a whole new crew and a new creative team in writer Rob Williams and artists Jim Lee and Philip Tan on board for the ongoing series.

Also on display were upcoming "Harley Quinn" covers by Amanda Conner and interior art by Chad Hardin from the "Die Laughing Arc" that sees Harley back in Coney Island. "Harley Quinn" #1 goes on sale August 3.

Suicide Squad creator returns to the fold on August 31 for the first time in a decade, penning "Suicide Squad: War Crimes Special" #1 with art by Gus Vasquez and a cover by Juan Ferreyra. A new "Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang" anthology series kicks off August 10, featuring a cover by Mike Huddleston and Rico Renzi. The previous "Most Wanted" anthology gets collected this September, with individual trade paperbacks of "Deadshot" and "Katana."

"Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys" #4 goes on sale August 3, featuring art by Mauricet and continuing to explore the ongoing mystery of Harley Sinn, the main character's (even more) villainous counterpart.

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