SDCC: Neal Adams Takes On Krypton With "Coming of The Supermen"

He drew some of the most iconic covers in Superman history, and today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, DC Comics announced that Neal Adams would return to the Man of Steel's world for a new six-part series.

Titled "Coming of the Superman," the book will feature the cast of Jack Kirby's Fourth World from Darkseid to Kalibak. In order to fight the threat, Superman must recruit an army from the Bottle City of Kandor -- changed from its classic Silver Age form into a New Krypton where Superman is little more than a legend.

The book will be written and drawn by Adams as his two-part "Batman: Odyssey" series was a few years ago. Similar to that, "Coming of the Supermen" is expected to work in various pieces of its hero's mythos like Lex Luthor. Issue #1 arrives in November.

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