SDCC: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Revival Lands at Netflix

We've got movie sign once again, as the revival of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" is heading to Netflix.

The streaming service announced it has acquired the exclusive rights to the Kickstarter-funded new season of the cult comedy, which reunites series creator Joel Hodgson with original cast members Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, who will guest star as Pearl Forrester, Brain Guy and Professor Bobo, respectively.

They'll be joined by Jonah Ray as new host Jonah Heston, Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester, Patton Oswalt as Son of TV's Frank, and Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn as the new voices of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

Joel McHale and Dan Harmon are officially on board as writers, under the direction of "Daily Show" veteran Elliott Kalan.

Debuting in 1988 on a local Minnesota television nation before going on to air nationally the following year, "MST3K" is set aboard the Satellite of Love, where a human host is trapped by mad scientists and forced to watch an endless run of B movies with his two robot sidekicks.

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