SDCC: Marvel's "Iron Fist" Unveils First Footage with New Teaser Trailer

During the "Luke Cage" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Television debuted the first footage from "Iron First" and confirmed the show's 2017 release.

The teaser opens with a flashback to Danny Rand's childhood; he is ripped away from his mother in a plane crash and lands in a snowdrift, still strapped to his seat. As he blacks out, he sees two monks dressed in yellow leaning over him before the screen fades to black.

The teaser then cuts to present day, where a bearded and bedraggled Danny Rand is strapped to a bed in what looks to be a mental hospital. He breaks out of his bonds, then manages to escape by delivering a punch so powerful that it blows a reinforced steel door off its hinges.

As Danny steps out over the fallen door, the teaser fades to the series logo. It then confirms that "Iron Fist" will bow in 2017.

No official video of the teaser has yet been released, though Marvel has debuted the following teaser image.

The journey begins. #IronFist #MarvelSDCC pic.twitter.com/VKws7aBSmd

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 22, 2016

"Six Feet Under" and "Dexter" veteran Scott Buck will serve as showrunner on Netflix's "Iron Fist," which stars Finn Jones in the title role. With "Luke Cage" scheduled for a September 30 debut, "Iron Fist" will premiere in 2017.

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