SDCC: Marvel's Cosplay Variants Return This Fall

As announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego's Women of Marvel panel presentation, Marvel Comics is resurrecting last year's popular Cosplay Variants for a brand-new series of covers this fall. 15 titles are set to receive Cosplay Variants, featuring all-new cosplayers homaging everyone's favorite heroes from the House of Ideas.

The following variants have been revealed for October and November:

  • A-Force #9 Cosplay Variant by Crystal Melton. Photo by Judith Stephens
  • A-Force #10 Cosplay Variant by Corrine Vitek. Photo by Judith Stephens
  • Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat! #11 Cosplay Variant by DJ Spider. Photo by Judith Stephens
  • The Punisher #6 Cosplay Variant by Mike Powell. Photo by Judith Stephens.

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