SDCC: Marvel Studios Highlights "Thor: Dark World" and "Captain America: Winter Soldier"

Marvel Studios entertained a packed room in Comic-Con International's Hall H with a panel of stars from its upcoming "Wave 2" films, "Thor: Dark World" and "Captain America: Winter Soldier," along with "Guardians of the Galaxy" in a surprise twist. With two of Marvel's mightiest Avengers getting their cinematic sequels, the studio is sure to have some surprises in store. Join CBR for the latest updates.

Host Chris Hardwick began by asking fans how many had waited all day, with lots of cheers in response. He then brought out the first panelist, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, and congratulated him on "Iron Man 3."

"It all starts here," Feige said of Comic-Con. "It's our good luck charm."

The lights went dark, and Loki's voice came over the PA, with Tom Hiddleston speaking of "how far humaity has fallen." Then, Hiddleston appeared in costume in a flash of light.

"I am Loki! The last God! And I am burdened with glorious purpose!" he announced. Then, "stand back, you mewling quim," reprising the awkward, controversial, and quite funny line from "Avengers."

After a monologue that dipped between straight acting and parody, he asked, "Where are your Avengers now?" Then, after a pause, "Swear your loyalty to me, and I will give you what you need. SAY MY NAME!." And lo, they did, earning a "Dark World" clip.

The opening scenes feature a war on the plains between all the gods of Asgard, with many massive displays of power. Then, things get worse as Loki takes command.

Cobie Smulders, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlet Johanssn, Anthony Mackie, Emily VanCamp, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, and Frank Grillo took their places at the podium.

Evans said he loves putting on the costume, and moving Cap from the 1940s to now puts him in an interesting place. "It's hard to know who's right and wrong," he said, in a marked contrast with the struggles of WWII.

Johansson noted that Black Widow and Cap would have a fuller dynamic in "Winter Soldier than what was seen in "Avengers." "You learn more about her" in this film, including her civilian side.

"I think it's kind of an Odd Couple," Evans said of the heroes' relationship, with Widow and Cap having very different perspectives on the world.

Jackson said being Fury felt "pretty bad ass." Fury's agents are "instruments of justice" to the SHIELD director, but "people that he cares about. "He and Steve have a language they speak because they're both warriors," Jackson added. But Captain American has "very clear ideas about who are our enemies, and now some of them are our allies."

Jackson also said that Fury "has a pretty good idea of what's going on," but his paranoia drives him to look deeper.

Sebastian San said he's happy Bucky is getting his story, but Feige said the story is faithful to Brubaker's original and "it's not a surprise who WInter Soldier is--but it's a surprise to Cap."

Mackie joked that, as Falcon, "I've got wings and guns; you go to the grocery store, you bring wings and guns, right? That's what I got!"

A "Winter Soldier" clip featured Cap fighting a gang of assassins in an elevator before entering the more dubious world of SHIELD and a fateful reunion.

After a few quick comments and a photo session, the cast cleared out. Feige then spoke about trying for the "new and unexpected," such as last year's "Guardians of the Galaxy" announcement. Though filming has just started, director James Gunn and actors Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Benicio Del Toro, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Pratt came to the stage.

Hardwick said the cast "literally just flew in for this and are flying out tonight for London" to resume filming.

Gunn said that "I really like to plan things out and know what we're doing," also praising the cast and Marvel Studios for letting the blockbuster "feel like an independent film."

Pratt said that he had to get in shape for the role of Starlord. "After the audition, they said, 'Great job, but you're too fat.' I said, well, I can do something about that." He joked about his character, describing instead the plot of "Castaway" before describing Peter Quill as "a guy who lives in space and makes out with hot alien girls" before finding his purpose.

Saldana said playing Gamora gives her an opportunity to be challenged as an artist, "embodying multi-leveled characters."

Bautista was a bit shy discussing his role, but said, "I go to set every day, and I can't freaking believe I got this job." He said he fought for the job and "when I got the job, I broke down and cried like a little baby."

"I'm 44 years old, but I'm the baby of the set in terms of experience, so I go every day and try to learn something new," Bautista said.

Del Toro's name elicited cheers as Hardwick worked down the line. He said he hasn't started filming his scenes yet, and isn't able to say much about his role. He, unlike the others, did not come from London but LA, and "I'm meeting everyone for the first time."

Pace described Ronan as "a really complicated creep; he's a beast."

Gillan's name also elicited cheers. And when Hardwick asked, 'Isn't Nebula bald?" she said, "I might have done something a little bit crazy," and pulled off her wig to reveal a shaved head. She confessed she was worried "i might look like an overgrown fetus, but it's liberating-everyone should shave their head!"

Rooker and Gillan patted each other's bald heads, with Gillan noting Rooker's "is softer."

The panel nearly ended with a "Guardians of the Galaxy" clip, featuring Groot, Rocket, and the rest in action. But Joss Whedon stopped by to say hi and premiere a teaser for "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron."

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