Funko's SDCC Exclusive Marvel Pops Include Wong, Gamora and... Man-Thing?

With Comic-Con International in San Diego taking place next month, Funko has released a new set of exclusive Pop! figures for the show.

This year's Comic-Con International Marvel exclusive Pop! figures feature a mix of comic book and Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnations of classic characters. The figures will also have a limited quantity available through select retail locations.

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A comic book version of Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora will be available for purchase at select Hot Topic locations, the swamp creature Man-Thing will be available to order through Entertainment Earth, the MCU version of Wong portrayed by Benedict Wong will be available for purchase through Walgreens and the Captain Marvel villain Minn-Erva, portrayed by Gemma Chan, will be available for purchase at GameStop.

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Funko has been unveiling Comic-Con exclusive figures in advance of next month's annual pop culture celebration in San Diego. The bestselling merchandising company offers large-headed, stylized versions of various pop culture icons including Marvel Comics characters. Funko had previously unveiled a new line of figures based off the MCU film Captain Marvel to tie-in to the recent home video release of the movie.

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