SDCC: Marvel Comics #1000 Celebrates 80 Years of the House of Ideas

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of Marvel Comics, and to celebrate the publisher is putting everything they can into one issue: the epic Marvel Comics #1000. A series of 80 one-page stories covering the entire history of the Marvel Universe, the issue is off to the printers now, and so it was the perfect time to talk it up as part of the 2019 Comic-Con International in San Diego Friday afternoon.

Marvel's This Week In Marvel hosts Ryan "Agent M" Penagos and Lorraine Cink welcomed Editor-in-Chief C. B. Cebulski and writers Jody Houser (Web of Black Widow), Gail Simone (Domino: Hotshots) and Jeremy Whitley (Future Foundation).

Reveals of both talent and talent-matched-to-character lineups were made across the panel. Cebulski praised the work of first-time comics writer and acclaimed YA novelist Jason Reynolds on Miles Morales, though more reveals came with new are from Chris Weston on the Black Knight, Carlos Pacheco on Vindicator and Daniel Acuña on the Prowler in pages from writer Al Ewing's pages that tie the whole issue together.

Cebulski also revealed that Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham would contribute to the issue as a team, though there was no confirmation of whether this would involve their long-awaited Miracleman work. Marvel recently confirmed for CBR that full new issues of the comic were not currently on the publishing schedule.

Simone then spoke to her work with Michael Shelfer and Jim Charalampidis on Hotshots. "Hotshots is my love-letter to Kirby, really," she said, bringing in the Celestials and characters like Diamondback and other women heroes of the Marvel U. Atlas is a new character with ties to Wakanda's mythology the writer expressed a passion for.

Whitley revealed some of his plans for Future Foundation including many team members from the well-received run of the Fantastic Four spinoff by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred. "We're starting the series with a big prison-break story. All of our team is trying to break in to a prison...trying to put Molecule Man back together [after recent events in Fantastic Four.]" Will Robson and Greg Menzie contribute art for the series, and the panelists shared that The Maker will be the big villain of the series – a reveal Cebulski pushed to place on the cover of issue #2.

Simone then showed off some pages from her #1000 contribution – a Deadpool story with artist David Baldeon – before having to split to her next event.

While the panelists spent a number of minutes playing a game where they'd try to name as many Marvel characters as they could in 60 seconds, Cebulski used his turn up at bat to tease the crowd by saying, "Are we playing the game, or are we talking Marvel Comics #1001 news?"

Houser then revealed that she's working with the Spider-Family from her Renew Your Vows series with Rachael Stott for the #1000 issue, and Whitley teamed with Irene Koh for an America Chavez story. The writer picked Koh for the story after Editor Tom Brevoort pitched him on writing one page of the character.

Cebulski revealed that the comic will start with the first panel of the original Marvel Comics #1 from the Golden Age, and writer Al Ewing's pages of the book will tell one single story that goes from that moment through the entire history of Marvel revealing a secret that draws in all the heroes and villains spotlighted along the way.

The Editor-in-Chief wrapped by revealing that Darth Vader does count as a Marvel character because he does appear in issue #1000.

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