Marvel Officially Announces New Superior Octopus One-Shot

Marvel Comics announced at Friday's Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego a new The Superior Octopus series, written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Mike Hawthorne.

The Superior Octopus debuted during Marvel's recent Clone Conspiracy storyline that spun from events in Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man. Otto Octavius' latest identity had ties to the villainous organization Hydra, which itself tied into Marvel's then-current Secret Empire event. With Hydra now vanquished, the Superior Octopus now stands to have a new direction to be explored.

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The new series is part of Marvel's "Doc Ocktober" promotion, coming this fall. On the panel, series editor Nick Lowe stated, "Every five pages you're going to see something that will shock you - it will either appall you or make you cheer."

Lowe's statement evokes the beginning of Slott's Superior Spider-Man arc, when Octavius was revealed to have taken control of Peter Parker's body in Amazing Spider-Man #698 and went on to temporarily become Marvel's new Spider-Man. The twist came as surprise to many, as Peter's uncharacteristic behavior in that issue was explained in the issue's shocking cliffhanger.

Gage had previously joined Slott as a co-writer on the Superior Spider-Man series. The Superior Octopus #1 is scheduled for release on October 8. Travis Charest will supply the initial covers for the series.

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