SDCC: Marvel Announces All-Ages, In-Continuity "Spidey"

On the final day of Comic-Con International for 2015, Marvel Comics shared a bit of news during its Spider-Man panel. Namely, the quiet announcement of an all-ages series starring a teenaged web-slinger.

Asked about a "Spidey" book teased at a retailer presentation during the convention, Director of Content and Character Development Sana Amanat disclosed that it's an all-ages series about Spider-Man in high school, written by Robbie Thompson.

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"It's called 'Spidey,'" Thompson said. "It's an all-ages book. When Nick [Lowe] called me up about this, I was so, so excited. I think the tagline is, 'Before He was Amazing, He Was Spectacular.' This is Peter Parker as a teenager. They're all standalone stories. These are designed to be in the classic Marvel mold; every issue is a first issue. I think we all have this memory of Peter being in high school for like seven decades, but it actually wasn't that long. These are those stories." Thompson likened it to '90s series "Untold Tales of Spider-Man."

The fan asked if the series took place in the mainstream Marvel continuity. "I believe so," Amanat answered. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said that Marvel has responded to a demand for more all-ages content, and called the series "entry-level" Spider-Man stories that are "for everybody." He also stressed the importance of the series being contemporary, not "creaky and cobweb-y."

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