SDCC: "Lucifer" Arrives on Earth

Another infernal hero from DC Entertainment is set to make his television debut later this year on Fox, and fans at San Diego Comic-Con International got an early look at the pilot episode Friday morning. Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg in "Sandman," Vertigo's version of the charismatic ruler of Hell also starred in an epic (in the original sense of the word) ongoing series by Mike Carey and Peter Gross -- a new comic miniseries was announced yesterday.

On hand for the panel were executive producers Joe Henderson and Len Wiseman, Tom Ellis (Lucifer), Lauren German (Chloe Dancer), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), DB Woodside (Amenadiel), and executive producers Ildy Modavich, and Jonathan Littman

The panel was moderated by TV Guide's Michael Schneider.

The pilot episode begins with Lucifer pulled over by a police officer, sassing the cop, and trying to bribe him. After eliciting a confession that the cop likes to drive around with his siren on for no reason, Lucifer persuades him to accept the bribe, as well. "People like to tell me things," he explains. "Must be something about this face."

When chided that he ought to do more with his life, Lucifer says he's retired; however, he's soon called back to Hell. "You think I'm the devil because I'm inherently evil, just because Dad says so," he tells Amenadiel. But it turns out things aren't so simple.

When Delilah, a confidant of Lucifer's, is gunned down in his arms, though, it appears the devil's plans have gone awry.

Lucifer Morningstar makes no attempt to conceal his true nature, he is candid that his name is "god given" and is more than happy to talk about his own immortality to LAPD Detective Chloe Dancer.

Next up for Lucifer is disrupting an ill-matched wedding, first confronting the groom about getting married so soon after his previous fiance was murdered and grinding things to a halt when the bride says, "I really want to have sex with you tonight." Again, people love to tell him things!

From here, Lucifer makes a few more stops trying to get to the bottom of why Delilah was murdered - it seems she traveled in some interesting circles.

By the end of the episode, Lucifer appears set on a new path -- and neither angels nor devils know what to make of it.

Wisman said the series will "focus on the LA, earthbound side." Henderson, too, noting the more mystical elements of the comic series, said his challenge was to "whittle it down" to the human, grounded aspects, such as Lucifer trying to gain independence from his father.

"He was from a different place," Ellis said, like "Mick Jagger had sex with Noel Coward."

German said her character is "just learning to accept his zaniness," but soon comes to appreciate him and "what a good person he is." This elicited some light laughter from the crowd, given that we're talking about the devil himself.

Brandt said her character Maze "would rather be back in Hell" instead of a bartender at Lux. Lucifer has become "something very dangerous," since now no one's minding the demons.

"She thought she was coming to Earth to raise a little Hell; instead she's pouring shots," she said. Brandt added that, though on opposite "sides," Maze has some affinity with the angel Amenadiel, since "they both want Lucifer back in Hell."

Wiseman said, too, that he expects the show will explore what's going on in Hell in Lucifer's absence.

"It's a story of redemption," Henderson said, closing out the panel, "and if the devil can be redeemed, there's hope for all of us."

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