SDCC: We Risked Our Sanity In Legion's Virtual Reality Experience

SDCC's Legion Experience Gets Even Weirder...

The blond stranger stands behind me, out of my view. She asks if I hear a sound. I do. It's a repetitive clacking. She directs me to find its source. I look down at the desk and spot a Newton's cradle, its metal balls swinging back and forth, creating the thick clack, clack, CLACK. She dares me to stop it with my mind. I stare at the balls, and focus, feeling a bit silly and conscious. But just like that, they freeze in mid-swing, and I drop my jaw.

The VR device on my head swirls with noise. My concentration broken, the balls go back to their swinging and clacking. A flurry of voices swim around my head, making me dizzy. Then, I can hear Melanie (Jean Smart) tell me I'm in a memory, that I am safe. She urges me to focus and drown the voices out. I take a deep breath, and as I exhale the voices vanish. That's when a tall, thin, young man in a suit enters.

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Melanie tells me I'm to do as he says. He sits before me on the other side of the desk. Clearly, he's in charge here. He informs me we are here to test my abilities. That I'm very powerful. He dares me to lift the dog statuette on the table. With a gesture and focus, I see it levitate and wiggle in the air before my eyes. He asks me to look at the black and red inkblot on the wall. What is it? I tell him it looks like a frogman. I do not tell him that with the red splotches in its middle, it specifically looks like a frogman dissected, it's lungs exposed like in a grade schooler's science class. He asks me if I struggle with my sense of identity. I know this is just a game, but I--not David--am authentically rattled.

The exam continues with me moving transporting the lamp from the far shelf to the desk before me, and reading his mind to uncover the shapes hidden on three playing cards I've made float between us. Then Melanie's voice is gone, and I can hear Syd (Rachel Keller) telling me she's there in the man, that she's protecting me. Then the man yells for me to watch out. He pulls me behind the desk, away from the door, and when I turn to look behind me, I see the blond woman is gone, replaced by The Angriest Boy In The World. He's not virtual reality. He is there, thanks to a clearly papier-mâché, yet totally terrifying mask that's as big as an oversized beach ball.

Syd/the man tells me I must use my mind to stop him in his tracks, and I do but not for long.  As the Boy lunges at me, the suited man shoves me through the wall where the booksout of the black-lit room, free from the mysterious interrogator, the blond stranger and the Angriest Boy In the World. I'm in a brightly lit hallway with a new fleet of lab-coated folk, vibrant green trees projected against the back wall. But these people smile at me, and are genuinely warm and welcoming. Even as my brain spins, they position me--VR headgear and all--in front of a camera. You can see the results here. 

Then someone gently took the VR device off my head and let me loose in the sunshine. I was baffled, my heart racing... and maybe never so happy to not have super powers.

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