SDCC: Krypton Showrunner on the Challenges of Adapting Lobo

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The cast and producers of Syfy and DC Entertainment’s Superman prequel Krypton were at Comic-Co International in San Diego over the weekend where they spoke at the series' panel and sat down with CBR to discuss the upcoming Season 2.

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One of the big reveals at the panel was the addition of the character Lobo -- an alien bounty hunter from the planet Czarnia who made his debut in 1983’s Omega Men -- for Season 2. Executive producer and showrunner Cameron Welsh promised that the show will honor the spirit of the comic character while maintaining the tone of the television show:

“On the surface, with Lobo being such a broad character and our show having a more grounded tone, it feels like an unlikely match. And in a way it is. It’s almost because of that is why we’re doing it. When we’ve done that on the show in the first season, it’s been largely successful, so we feel like we can do that again. We know that he can’t be as broad as he is in the comics. He’s not going to be riding space dolphins, for example. But on the other hand, you don’t introduce Lobo to the show and make him be a watered-down version. We want to maintain the spirit of the character and honor what has made him so popular over the years. That’s what we tried to do with Braniac, that’s what we did with Zod, that’s what we did with Doomsday in the small bits we’ve seen of him so far. That’s what we intend to do with Lobo. He’ll unmistakably be Lobo but he’ll fit within our world and not be too jarring.”

Adam Strange actor Shaun Sipos promised that viewers will see more of his character in Season 2.

“We’ll be going into Adam’s story with greater detail and depth," Sipos said. "We’ll be picking Adam up where we left off at the end of Season 1. On Earth, in present day time, on a bottled-up (by Brainiac) Detroit. We’ll be going into Adam’s mythology. The second season will be about death and rebirth. Things have to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt. We’ll be seeing a lot of that in Season 2 along with Adam’s story and mythology.”

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However, Sipos teased that we won’t be seeing Strange trapped in Detroit for long.

“I have a feeling that at some point during the season, we’ll see Adam hooking back up with Seg (who was last seen at the end of season one stuck in the Phantom Zone), and then the two of them will go and save the world,” he said. “Things may be patchy with the relationship at first, but Adam did what any good hero does. He put himself in harm’s way. And Seg thinks Adam is dead and sacrificed himself. So, when they reunite, I suspect it will be an emotional reunion.”

Krypton returns in 2019 for Season 2 on Syfy.

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