SDCC: Joss Whedon Receives Comic-Con Icon Award

At the close of his Dark Horse Comics panel, Joss Whedon was presented with Comic-Con International's Icon Award. Whedon is the ninth recipient of the annual award, which is awarded to individuals in recognition of their efforts in bringing greater awareness of comics and other popular arts to a wider audience. Past recipients include Ray Bradbury, Stan Lee, June Foray, Neil Gaiman and more.

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Comic-Con's David Glanzer joined Whedon on stage at the close of his spotlight panel, saying that while the filmmaker turned comics creator he was first drawn to cons by the movies, Comic-Con proves that, "you don't have to love just one thing, and it's clear Joss loves it all."

"Thanks, guys, -- that almost makes up for having to listen to someone talk about how great I am," Whedon joked as he was presented with the award. "I like how artfully you've scratched off J.J. Abrams." Then, though, Whedon choked up. "I didn't expect to be moved by this, but I am. I'm grateful. Thank you."

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