SDCC: The Russo Bros. on the Road to Avengers: Endgame & What's Next

Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Avengers: Endgame co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo took to the stage in Hall H to discuss their time with Marvel, as well as what lies ahead, with Collider Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub.

The panel began with a video recapping the Russos' film and television work, such as Arrested Development and Community, as well as Captain America: The Winter SoldierCivil WarAvengers: Infinity War and finally, Endgame, with each clip receiving a massive round of applause from the crowd.

"Who in this crowd is going to storm Area 51 with us?" Joe asked the audience. "Thank you so much for supporting us," he continued.

Steven asked what it would take to get the Russos to come back and direct Secret Wars.

"We've mentioned how much we love Secret Wars," Joe said. "We would love to work with Marvel again and maybe Secret Wars makes sense," Anthony added.

Steven then asked how it feels for Endgame to be so close to breaking Avatar's box office record.

"It's a cathartic experience for all of us," Anthony said. "James Cameron has always been an idol of ours so to be so close to one of his films is really special."

He also asked what the brothers' last big fight was about, to which Joe said, "was it about the length of Captain Marvel's hair?" Anthony added, "you can look at our entire collaboration as one big argument."

As for the hardest VFX shots in Infinity War and Endgame, the Russos said the dusting was the most difficult to create in the former, while the portals during the final battle were the most difficult in the latter. "Smart Hulk was also quite difficult," Anthony said. "It's really hard to massage it to the point it feels real and relatable."

When asked what day they wish they could relive in filming Avengers 3 and 4, Joe said it was Robert Downey Jr.'s final day, which was when they filmed his death. "It was on the same sound stage where he did Iron Man 12 years earlier."

"The first day of shooting on Infinity War was interesting," said Anthony. "It was an interesting day because the challenge was combining all these franchises and combining Tony and Peter and the Guardians was an interesting cocktail."

Steven then played a clip of Mark Ruffalo asking the Russos if Hulk is now the smartest and the strongest Avenger.

"Banner tried to solve time travel but he didn't," Joe said. "My daughter Grace would say Shuri is the smartest Avenger," Anthony added.

A video of Chris Evans played next and he asked what Steve did after getting his dance with Peggy and which Marvel film was the most stressful/relaxed.

"It's a good question," Joe said. "Perhaps he and Peggy tried to make a baby?"

"If you think about in terms of alternate reality, Steve could do a lot of things," Anthony said. "He could save Bucky from Hydra. He could visit himself in the ice."

As for the most stressful film, the Russos agreed it was Infinity War. For the most relaxed, it was Winter Soldier.

Chris Hemsworth then asked (via video) who would be a better leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Thor or Peter Quill, while essentially confirming it would be Thor.

"That was more of a statement," Joe said.

Next up, Paul Rudd asked which Chris had the best America's ass.

"We're not even gonna touch this one," Joe said before polling the crowd. (Evans was the clear winner.)

Last up, a video of Robert Downey Jr. played and he asked the Russos about the biggest difference between Tony saying "I am Iron Man" in Iron Man versus Endgame.

"The arc Tony Stark went through, beginning as the egocentric person to sacrificing himself that way," Anthony began. "See, he had become a father. Your job in the universe is to serve others and that's the biggest change. He was in a different place there in the end."

Moving on, Steven asked what the Russos are directing next and Joe said it was Cherry, starring Tom Holland.

"It's set in Clevland, Ohio where we grew up," Joe said. "This is a story about the opioid crisis told in a very fascinating way."

A clip then played of Tom Holland playing with a Spider-Man marionette and plugging Cherry. "It's gonna be a lot of fun and I can't wait to dive into it," he said.

On their relationship with Tom Holland, Joe said, "I really wanted to see Peter Parker played by someone close to Peter's age in the books. He's incredibly gifted and someone we want to work with on all our projects moving forward."

Steven then brought up AGBO.

"It functions like a movie studio does," Joe said. "Anthony and I are the charimen of the company. It's a storytellers' studio. We want to use AGBO to hold the door open for other young directors to get into the business."

"Joe and I work as a team," Anthony added. "We've encountered so many wonderful collaborators over the years."

Next, Steven asked about 21 Bridges.

"We love Chadwick [Boseman]," Joe said. "Anth and I grew up loving genre movies that had something to say beyond the genre, and 21 Bridges has Chadwick Boseman hunting down the [cop killers]. It's one we're very proud of."

A clip of Chadwick Boseman then played and he sang the Russos' praises, noting he remembers how they shot the end of Civil War first and how he enjoyed the process of working with them.

"They came to me the night of the premiere of Infinity War," he said regarding how he was cast in 21 Bridges. "I love the grit of that film. I trust the Russos and I'm glad to go along for the ride."

Boseman then introduced the second full trailer for the film, which received a round of applause.

Joe then talked about the Magic: The Gathering project they're working on with Netflix. "We're geeks and we love Magic: The Gathering. If you're a fan of Jace or Chardra, get excited."

Joe also announced a Grimjack project he and Anthony are working on, as well as Battle of the Planets.

"We're producing Grimjack," Joe said. "We could be directing Battle of the Planets."

Joe then asked for those under the age of 14 to come to the stage and dozens of children made their way to the front of the hall as Joe handed out signed t-shirts.

Next, Steven asked what actors such as Chris Evans and Hemsworth go through to prepare for Marvel films.

"Evans used to go home every night with bumps and bruises," Joe said. "Similarly with Hemsworth, to play the large and heavy Thor, he had to wear a heavy bodysuit," Anthony added. "Hemsworth ended up hurting his back quite badly and we had to postpone a lot of his shooting."

Finally, a trailer for the home video release of Avengers: Endgame played as the panel came to a close.

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