SDCC: Jim Starlin to Revive "Dreadstar" In Comic Miniseries

Jim Starlin will resurrect his epic 1980s space opera "Dreadstar" in a new miniseries that he'll write and draw himself.

The artist tells The Hollywood Reporter that he hasn't lined up a publisher, and plans to finish the project before seeking one out.

A television adaptation was put into development in February with Universal Cable Productions and Benderspink, with Starlin writing the script.

Debuting in 1982 as the flagship of Marvel's Epic Comics imprint, "Dreadstar" followed Vanth Dreadstar, the sole survivor of the Milky Way, and his crew as they struggle to end an ancient war between two powerful empires.

"Dreadstar" ran for 26 at Epic before continuing for another 38 at First Comics, ending in 1991 with Issue 64. It returned in 1994 in a six-issue limited series from Malibu Comics, written by Peter David and drawn by Ernie Colón.

Starlin noted he'll be writing writing and drawing "Dreadstar" for the first time in 28 years.

"Drawing for me is a love-hate thing," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a younger person's job. And so I tend to write for other people. But with this particular thing, I'm at a point financially that I can do whatever I want to at this point ... and this is what I want to do."

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