SDCC: Jim Lee & Dan Didio Delve into DC Comics' "Rebirth," "Young Animal" Imprint & More

DC Comics Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio took the helm on their own panel at Comic-Con International at San Diego Comic-Con, where they discussed DC Rebirth, Vertigo, MAD, DC's Young Animal imprint and more. Didio opened by explaining the importance of the fans' words to their work, and how they bring them back to the office with them. Shortly after that, they opened the floor to questions from the audience.

Asked if any of the characters from the Autthority would show up, Lee said, "We will have an announcement at New York Comic Con. It's a little early to tell, but we think you'll be excited."

Didio also put a timeframe on DC's "Rebirth." "There's a bit of a two-year plan here," he shared.

"There's going to be a 'Justice League America' book, and it will develop [because of other events]," Didio revealed. The series had previously been announced, but not much is yet known about it, and he wouldn't budge on any details.

"You might not see the other legacy numbers, but 'Action Comics' and 'Detective Comics' will hold onto those," he shared. He went on to discuss the legacy of those titles, and explained how it didn't feel right to give those titles a 3rd #1 issue.

"I think the Wally West moment -- the emotional outpouring was immense. I think it was better than what we expected. It drove a lot of the thinking with what we're going to do with the other books," Lee shared, referring to Wally West's return in "Rebirth." "I think that was a real watershed moments."

"Jim is one of the biggest 'Scooby Doo' fans," Didio said when a fan brought up the "Scooby Doo" monthly title

"I've cosplayed Velma... at an office party," Lee recalled.

"Dan Parent is actually doing all the Hanna-Barbera variant covers [in a few months]," Didio revealed. "I'm a huge Hanna-Barbera fan."

"I know they've been mentioning Anarky -- I shouldn't mention these things! -- but I heard some mention of Anarky in 'Detective Comics.' If you've never met James Tynion IV, he's a super, super geek on Batman," he said.

Didio also announced that this year marks Lee's thirtieth consecutive Comic-Con.

"Our goal is to look at the next to years... to build a sense of importance," he shared. "Who is this guy behind the scenes? You guys are making assumptions! But that's the fun of the storytelling. This isn't a quick fix; this is a long dance, but hopefully we can entertain you with everything along the way."

Asked if Geoff Johns would return to write DC Comics anytime soon, Didio said, "He wants to, and he will be. There's so much on Geoff's plate right now; what he's doing with 'Rebirth' is invaluable." He invited fans to come to the "Rebirth" panel to learn more.

"Comics have been around for '80s year or so. You can't just publish the same stuff," Lee explained. "I think it's important for us as publishers... to take characters in different directions. 'Rebirth' is also a part of that process."

"What you get of exploration are new fans and new concepts... and builds the mythology of the character," he continued. "At the end of the day, these characters have to roll and evolve with the times... I felt like we needed a very bold statement [with the New 52]. We chose a lot of very deliberately very provocative decisions... I think it's all about produce the best stories we can, but add something new to the toolbox."

"We're constantly evolving," Didio added. "We know that this is a cyclical business. We know that our audience is fickle, but extraordinarily loyal."

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