SDCC INTERVIEW: Perlman Says Passing On "Hellboy 3" Is "Not Even Negotiable"

"If there's a real honesty to fan culture relationships, we owe the world the finale of 'Hellboy,'" declared star Ron Perlman during a Comic-Con International panel dedicated to his upcoming Amazon series "Hand of God."

SDCC: Ron Perlman Wants to "F--ing Finish" the Hellboy Trilogy

While the actor went on to admit that as of right now, there's no real movement on his big screen return to the character created by artist/writer Mike Mignola, in a one-on-one interview with CBR News, Perlman explained that it doesn't matter. As far as he's concerned, the possibility that fans will never see the final chapter in director Guillermo del Toro's movie trilogy is simply unacceptable.

CBR News: You talked about "Hellboy 3" at the "Hand of God" panel very passionately. Is there a script in the works, or is it just kind of sketches?

Ron Perlman: Well, no. Guillermo (del Toro) definitely knows almost scene for scene what would happen in the third installment. He designed the saga to be a trilogy, and to have this conclusion, that would address the destiny part of "Hellboy," the nature versus nurture conversation of "Hellboy." And then he introduces the impending birth of the twins -- she's pregnant with twins at the end of "Hellboy 2." And then, what -- no movie?

That's why I'm on my soapbox. Its because the notion of all those things being finally resolved are rather epic and very theatrical, and would make for a great movie. But it would particularly make for a great movie to the people. We didn't have the biggest audience of any comic book movie, but the people who came came, and they loved it and invested in it. And my point is we owe them the result, we owe them the conclusion.

I don't want to go back and put on 4 ½ hours worth of fucking makeup every day. I don't want to do that. I want to do that as much as I want a colonoscopy. But we have to! In my mind, it's not even negotiable.

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