SDCC: Heroes Reborn: Exclusive Extended Trailer and Q&A with Tim Kring and Cast

Fans gathered in the massive Hall H on Sunday for the "Heroes Reborn" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, where they were treated to an exclusive look at the upcoming miniseries' extended trailer and a Q&A session with show creator and executive producer Tim Kring and the cast. Returning cast member Greg Grunberg moderated the panel consisting of Kring and cast members Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Kiki Sukezane, Ryan Guzman, Gatlin Green, Henry Zebrowski, Judith Shekoni, Danika Yarosh and Rya Kihlstedt.

A 13-episode follow up the popular NBC "Heroes" television series, the miniseries takes place roughly a year after the terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, that forced superpowered individuals to go into hiding or go on the run and returns to the original premise of the show: everyday people discovering that they now have extraordinary powers. As such, although "Reborn" features a number of returning cast members, the focus will be on the new heroes.

Despite being the last day of the con, the span of Hall H was packed full of fans, eagerly awaiting the start of the panel, which began a few minutes late. "This isnt' supposed to happen--where you get a second bite of the apple this way," Kring said once he took the stage. "I'm going to start with an apology. I do not remember all of your names," he joked while talking about being in the same panel room years before when the original "Heroes" first began.

"We've had a long rest and a good night sleep, and we're ready to save the world again."

Kring also said that they are launching two video games in conjunction with the show. One is a mobile tablet game and the other is a PC/console game. Both games bridges the gap between the first series and the new upcoming miniseries. They are also doing six e-novels that tell the backstory of the characters on "Heroes Reborn."

Kring then showed a teaser for the games, called "Heroes Reborn: Gemini" and "Heroes Reborn: Enigma." Following that, they showed the first episode of the digital Prequel miniseries "Dark Matters," which can only be viewed in Heroes Reborn App. The episode featured a voice-over message explaining the world of "Heroes" today--those with must be registered and are blatantly discriminated against, such as being rejected for a job for not being "human." The voice over call for those with powers to stand up for themselves.

Grunberg then took the stage, with Kring's introducing the actor with all of his lesser known credits, including "shirtless fan" from "Austin Powers: Goldmember." The crowd erupted into applause as Grunberg came onto stage. "How psyched are we to be here?" Grunberg exclaimed. "This is ridiculous!

"I love each and every one of you in this room! I mean it."

The duo then took a self with the room and tweeted the image from Kring's account.

Grunberg then set up the extended trailer, but jokingly said that while they're getting a treat, they won't be getting any lightsabers, referring to the famous Star Wars panel extravaganza. "J.J.! You ruined my panel," Grunberg joked. They then played the extended trailer to the upcoming show.

The trailer featured a voice over discussing regret followed quick cuts of the new characters. As the trailer went on, more familiar characters showed up and fans cheered in inttense excitement at the appearance of familiar characters, especially Hiro.

The actors then came onto the stage while "AC/DC's" Back in Black played.

Grunberg asked Levi to talk about the transition from "Chuck" to this new character. "A very simple example between the two is that Chuck never killed anyone. And didn't want to." Levi said that his character Luke believes in using guns and has gone down a very dark path.

"I couldn't be happier to find out you're putting those glasses back on," Grunberg told Coleman.

"I felt like I was dressing up for Halloween. I felt like an imposter there for a moment. But it came back quickly," Coleman said about returning to the role of Noah Bennett.

Robbie Kay then spoke about his character, who has the power to make people disappear - and who has no idea where people go when he uses his power on them. This causes a lot of internal conflict for him.

Catlin Green discussed he character of Emily, who lives next door to Kay's Tommy, and who discovers his secret.

"Think Sheryl Sandberg but with bigger vision," Rya Kihlstedt said of her character, who appears to be someone that wants to hunt down those with powers.

As the cast talked more about their characters, Grunberg said that they were giving too much away and said that the audiences' minds needed to get wiped - at which point actor Jimmy Jean-Louis came onto stage, whose charater - known as the Haitian - has the ability to erase memories.

Grunberg then played a message from Masi Oka: "The fact that you're seeing this message means that I'm stuck on an island near the Dharma Institute or that my powers have been nerfed again - or have they?" Oka then arrived to the stage to thunderous applause.

The floor then opened up to questions from the audience.

A fan asked about how they decided on which characters to bring back for the miniseries. "It was really what the story was dedicating," Kring explained, adding that as they wrote the story he would call and ask the actors if they would be willing and able to return.

Grunberg said he had a question for Oka, wondering what the actor's first thought was when he saw the promo. "I thought it was awesome," Oka said. "We left it kind of unfinished." He added that he's glad to see they were going to have a chance to follow up on that world and see what happened after Claire Bennett outed superpowers to the world. "I just hoped they called us," he laughed.

"Some of us went off and did other projects but others stayed loyal to the brand and said no to everything else," Grunberg added jokingly.

When a fan asked about if we'd find out about the other characters - such as Claire, Peter and Sylar - Kring said that the show, books and games all explore that world and what happened in the five years between the events of the "Heroes" finale and the start of "Heroes Reborn." He added by the finale of the miniseries, fans would find out a good chunk of what happened between the five year gap.

The panel closed with Oka introducing a clip from the miniseries. "You guys saw an extended trailer and we thought you'd maybe like to see a little bit more."

The clip featured Oka's character Hiro in battle. By the end, fans in attendance were clearly excited and pumped for the start of the series in September.

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