SDCC | Hasbro marks ROM's 35th anniversary with collectible figure

Although Marvel's ROM: Spaceknight comic, created by Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema, had a long and well-remembered run, the same can't be said of the Parker Bros. toy on which it was based. A commercial failure, Time predicted the cheaply made figure would “end up among the dust balls under the playroom sofa.”

So who would've thought that Hasbro would commemorate the 35th anniversary of the toy's release with a Mighty Muggs collectible version of ROM: The Space Knight? MTV has the first look at the 5.5-inch figure, which will debut for $22.99 at Comic-Con International. A limited number will be available later through Hasbro's website.

Some ROM devotees will likely view this as yet another potential sign that an archival collection of the Marvel series -- or even a new comic! -- lurks just over the horizon. However, this commemorative figure would seem to explain that 2012 trademark filing that got fans stirred up last time.

Still, if it sells like hotcakes (which you know it will), maybe Hasbro will decide that, after 35 years, there's still some life in the old Space Knight.

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