SDCC: Grant Morrison's Supernatural Sci-Fi "Sinatoro" Coming to TV

Grant Morrison originally wrote "Sinatoro" as a screenplay, which saw a "necronaut" travel to the afterlife to save the land of the living. The project went on to adapted for comics, with an upcoming title from Black Mask Studios to be drawn by Vanesa R. Del Rey. Now the story is coming back to the screen, with Universal Television announcing during this weekend's Comic-Con International in San Diego that they will option it for a series from filmmakers Chris and Paul Weitz.

Morrison, known to comics fans all over for his work on "All Star Superman," "New X-Men," "Batman" and a host of original stories, promises that "Sinatoro" will bring the kind of unique perspective readers have come to expect over the years. The story adapts the "Tibetan Book of the Dead," as a modern western, and with the famed Route 66 highway playing a major role.

"'Sinatoro' turns American pop culture into a whole new mythology," Morrison said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Calling it one of his "favorite stories," he explained, "It's about life, death, sex, romance and everything in between," adding that, as a television series, there will be space to "expand the ideas and characters."

The show will be written by Morrison along with "American Odyssey" co-creators Adam Armus and Kay Foster, all of whom will executive produce along with the Weitzs, Andrew Milano, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Kristan Morrison and Black Mask Studios' Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz.

Armus and Foster bring experience writing and producing NBC's "Heroes," and Chris Weitz's recent writing credits include the upcoming "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story."

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