SDCC: "Gotham's" Jim Gordon "Might Become Another Iconic DC Character" in Season 3

Perhaps the biggest "Gotham" bombshell of Comic-Con International in San Diego was dropped away from the convention floor, far from the show's big Saturday presentation.

In a video interview with TVLine, the cast of Fox's DC Comics-based series answered questions and teased developments for their characters in the upcoming third season. After Robin Lord Taylor confirmed that Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) will be gunning after the Penguin, and David Mazouz confirmed he's not getting paid double to play both Bruce Wayne and Bruce's new doppelganger, Ben McKenzie cut loose with a spoiler even his castmates were unaware of.

"Yours truly might become another iconic DC character," McKenzie answers when asked for a piece of unknown information to conclude the interview. As a hush falls over the entire room, the actor quietly adds, "... in the middle of the season. At the end of the season. He might take on the persona of a different character."

"That's an exclusive!" McKenzie exclaimed following a shocked reaction from the interviewer and his castmates. "And I might have just gone too far..."

In the comics, Gordon famously took on the Batman persona for a time, but that was as a replacement for the then-missing Bruce Wayne, not as some sort of precursor to the Dark Knight's arrival. Though, given "Gotham's" tendency to reinvent the Bat-mythos in unpredictable and off-canon ways, who's to say that in this reality Gordon won't provide the inspiration for young Bruce to one day become a costumed vigilante?

Or, perhaps "Gotham's" writers dug deep into DC mythology and uncovered Mysteryman...

"Gotham" returns Monday, September 19, at 9pm ET, on FOX.

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