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SDCC Fat Bastard Challenge: Preparing for the finals

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SDCC Fat Bastard Challenge: Preparing for the finals

This will be our last update on the SDCC ‘09 Fat Bastard Challenge before the big weigh-in at San Diego. As you’ll recall, Comic Book Resource head honcho Jonah Weiland challenged Monster Attack Network/Highwaymen/Genius co-writer Marc Bernardin to a weight loss contest, where both competitors are attempting to lose 20 lbs. before the big show.

The rules are:

  • The person with the most weight loss by San Diego is treated to a $50 meal by the loser.
  • They both have to donate $10 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for every pound of weight less than 20 they haven’t lost by San Diego.

The final weigh-in was set to take place on the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Thursday, July 23, but I think that may be in flux due to some scheduling difficulties. However, we will see this through, even if I have to drag a scale into one of Marc’s panels or interrupt one of the interviews Jonah will be doing on the yacht.

Anyway, let’s, see where our contestants stand before the big show ….

JK: How did you do this week, and where did you end up weight-wise?

Jonah: Just one pound, down to 227, but I’m neither discouraged or upset with that. The work outs have been fantastic and intense. The classes have been incredibly challenging physically. But while I’m only down 7.5 pounds since we began this, I feel different and am beginning to look a bit different. I’ve slimmed in my face and I’m using the next belt hole in, just like Marc. In fact, I’m down an entire waist size, which I’m exceedingly happy about. I’m down from a 38 to 36 waist. Looking forward to 34.

Marc: Well, as of yesterday, I was down to 242, or a loss of 14 pounds. I’d plateau’d for a bit — gone most of the week without losing an ounce — but a little cheeseburger injection helped a bit. I had to convince my system, even for a little, that we weren’t starving. Survival mode is no way to shed pounds. But those last 6 pounds will task me. Not sure I can ditch them before the Con, but we’ll see.

JK: We’re in the home stretch, and even though the con hasn’t started yet, I’m betting you guys are knee deep in it already. Are you going to stay on track between now and the weigh in?

Jonah: I’m going to try. I’ve packed gym clothes and plan to use the one at the Marriott or at least go for a jog along the boardwalk, which might be the best idea both physically and mentally. Time will tell whether I get a chance to exercise during the con, but I’m going to try.

Marc: The worst part is that I’m already in California; a couple of days in L.A. before the madness sets in. And traveling is NEVER a boon to weight loss. It’s easier to control your caloric intake when you’re preparing your own meals. But I’m at the mercy of restaurant chefs for the immediate future. And we’ll see if those butter-happy bastards will derail the health train.

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