DC Unveils SDCC Exclusive Batman Vinyl Figures

Today, DC Comics revealed three San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Batman vinyl figures from DC Collectibles. Designed by illustrator Chris Uminga, the figures are part of DC's Artist Alley Line exclusives.

According to DCComics.com, the 6.75" designer vinyl figures are sculpted by Joe Menna and painted by Michael Cowart. Each edition will also include three Batman character art cards. With a limited quantity available, the figures will range in price from $60-$100.

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The figures celebrate the Dark Knight with three different designs. One is the classic Blue and Gray variant, which is limited to 1500 units and costs $60 each; this figure is reminiscent of the Batsuit color schemes popularized by the Silver and Bronze Age of DC Comics. The Flashpoint variant is limited to 750 units, each $75; introduced in Geoff Johns’ 2011 series Flashpoint, this version of Batman was Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne, who took up the Batman mantle after his son and wife Martha were gunned down by a mugger in Crime Alley. Since then, this alternate timeline Batman has been a fan favorite interpretation of the character. The last is the ultra-limited Matte Black and Gold, which is limited to 300 units and costs $100 each. This version comes with an original sketch of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or the Joker by Uminga.

Uminga has created several other figures for DC Collectibles' Artist Alley line, such as classic designs of the Trinity and the Flash. To see the entire Artist Alley line and other exclusives and upcoming figures, visit DCCollectibles' official website. The figures are currently available for pre-order and will be shipped in August if supplies remain after the show.

The Batman vinyl figures will be available for purchase at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 during Comic-Con International in San Diego, which runs from July 19-22, 2018.

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