SDCC: Does This Hot Toys Joker Figure Reveal a "Suicide Squad" Spoiler?

If you were worried that all of the trailers and TV spots for "Suicide Squad" might have already revealed all of the film's surprises, you need only look to the Hot Toys booth at Comic-Con International for another possible big one.

Needless to say, potential spoilers for the Warner Bros. film follow.

On display with the rest of the Hong Kong toymaker's "Suicide Squad" 1/6th-scale collectible figures is this doozy: The Joker (Batman Imposter Version).

If the name isn't enough to convince you it's a (very buff) Joker beneath the purple-and-green costume, note the white skin and capped teeth. The words "Joker" and "Ha Ha Ha" are scrawled on the costume, either with red paint or with blood, while an enormous grinning mouth is drawn on one of the gloves (the latter was also seen in Hot Topic's "Suicide Squad" fashion collection).

The Batman Imposter Joker could simply be a variant, which would seem out of place among Hot Toys' line of "movie-accurate" figures (it's worth noting, too, that a version of the figure also appears in the company's Cosbaby line).

It seems more likely that we'll see Jared Leto's Clown Prince of Crime dressed as the Dark Knight at some point in the David Ayer film -- something Warner Bros. has managed to keep out of the trailers. Maybe that's one of the surprises in store for fans during Saturday's Hall H presentation.

"Suicide Squad" opens Aug. 5.

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