SDCC: Deadpool 2 Takes Over Hall H


Not one to miss out on the action, Deadpool also had a presence at Comic-Con International this year with a Deadpool 2 panel. Not much was known about what the panel would entail, but we did know it would probably be a good time. Deadpool and his pals took over Hall H for an hour of dirty jokes with a potential unicorn cameo!

The panel began with an exclusive unseen clip of Karan Soni talking directly to the camera as his character Dopinder, ending with a joke about the actor having a sex tape. Acting as moderator, Karan Soni told the crowd that there will be a ton of exclusive clips and bloopers to see!

The first clip was an extended version of the opening scene of the movie in Hong Kong. In it, Deadpool literally plays dead behind the bar before kicking butt to the son "9 to 5."

Starting the questions with Ryan Reynolds, Karan described how much a comedy hero Ryan was in his experience with filming and how hosting is a personal nightmare for him. To that Ryan said, "This is the most you've ever talked to me."

In talking about his last time here, Ryan added. "I haven't been here [SDCC] since 2015 for Deadpool 1, and it was the defining moment of my career."

"Some of it's for time, some of it's for content, some of its too fucking nuts to show, and we'd go to hell and get in trouble with our moms. It's arbitrary," said Ryan about why certain things get cut from the final version of the film.

The next clip was an unseen previous to SDCC about Deadpool's time staying with the X-Men. Colossus is working out outside the mansion, while Deadpool is dressed "like a sex offender." After Deadpool has a moment with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus may have inadvertently drunk Deadpool's bodily fluids stored in a thermos.

"I had a chance to say 'pick on someone your own size' which is something I've always wanted to say... and we've had this 'f' moment that usually Colossus doesn't say," said Stefan Kapicic about his experience with Colossus in Deadpool 2.

The next extended clip featured the new members of the cast in the scene where Dopinder drives Deadpool, Cable, and Domino in his taxi.

"Are we not supposed to swear? They're bleeping out everything. It's called the 'Super Duper Thunderfuck Edition,'" said Ryan after watching the clip.

"It went well. Signing on to this, I was really nervous because the first film was so wonderful, and I didn't want to drop the ball on that... It didn't feel like there was a hierarchy of the people in the first one versus the second one. Everyone just came in together to make something beautiful, to make a new version of what had already been established," said Zazie Beetz about her experience on the Deadpool 2 set.

In a twist on the desert island question, a fan asked who they'd eat if they had to, to which Ryan said, "It sounds like a dangerous question. I just say we all eat other in like a feeding frenzy."

"In terms of career moment for me, I worked in a certain comic book movie before if you remember... it's a scary moment to take that leap and jump back into this incredibly scary place again," said Ryan about an "a-ha" moment he's had.

When asked if he hates Green Lantern or X-Men Origins more, Ryan said, "Both have kind of been an endless wellspring of awesome jokes for Deadpool, so I can't say I hate them... but they're both kind of bad."

"It doesn't make you an asshole if you take that stage. I can go out there, and have fun, and do as well as I can because that's what I'm here to do," said Ryan while describing the best advice he received when he first started working on the sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Since getting that advice, he doesn't hold back in his performances.

In describing his reaction to Deadpool's baby legs, Ryan said, "The first time I saw them was the week we released the film. I have a little girl and I kept saying 'the legs need to look like those!' In a way, it just got weirder."

"I thought we would have more improv when we started, but it was a lot more planned," said director David Leitch about how much of the script was improvised.

"High school is a non-stop horror show, but it will end," joked Ryan to a fan who asked about advice for her senior year.

Answering a question about the villain being a kid, Ryan replied "Having a kid in the film forces Deadpool into that heart space that we really want... At the end of the day, that's one of his codes: he'd never hurt a kid... For us, it was about stakes, and that kid gave us the stakes."

"I have a vision board at home, and it's just shots of High Jackman in various poses," quipped Ryan about if Logan will ever make it back to Deadpool.

"Josh Brolin is just a dude. He's awesome. He's really funny, and when I was sitting in a corner cowering because I was worried about delivering my lines well, he came over and was like, 'you're good, girl.' ... I really appreciate who he is," said Zazie.

"This universe needs to reflect and represent the world in real ways," said Ryan about more representation of bisexuality and Deadpool's pansexuality in the future films.

Brianna Hildebrand who plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead discussed how she got an email about her character getting a girlfriend, about which she said, "My request was just it be the way it is. Not a big deal. She has a girlfriend now, and now they're kicking ass. I think they rolled that out beautifully."

One final clip was Deadpool in Germany in 1889 in an extended time traveling scene from the movie where he debates killing baby Hitler. "Maximum effort!"

Deadpool 2 will be available on DVD and Blu ray August 28th, with digital downloads available on Amazon Video and iTunes August 7th.

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