SDCC LIVE: DC Universe Panel Reveals The Future of the Streaming Service

DC Universe has been running for almost a year, releasing exciting adaptations of the iconic DC characters and stories. The streaming service has earned critical and commercial success from content like Doom PatrolTitans, and Young Justice: Outsiders. But it's also garnered controversy with the surprise cancelation of Swamp Thing. With the second season of Titans currently in production and Harley Quinn set to premiere later this year, DC Universe is poised to reveal more about the future of the service at San Diego Comic-Con.

A sizzle reel for Doom Patrol was aired, showcasing the irreverent tone of the series and the bonkers visuals of the show. Doom Patrol executive producer Jeremy Carver took the stage with Diane Guerrero, who plays Crazy Jane in the series. "It was one of those shows we initially didn't think we could do," Carver explained. He admitted he wasn't familiar with the original comics until shortly before production. "I fell in love though," he explained, "beyond the visuals, because I saw the characters. I fell in love with it. I'm not a super-suit guy. I like that it's rusty and bandaged and torn. These characters felt especially human to me... I knew the show would be in different time periods, so I thought it was vitally important to audiences to learn who the characters were. Who was behind those bandages."

The series deals with a number of heavy topics. Speaking about the balance between "I think the people keeping the balance, it starts in the writer's room. We have a collection of people with a lot of life experience, varied life experience. We have some folks who are huge comic nerds, and we have some who have never worked in the genre. What we were really looking for when we were making the writers room, was people with life experience. That people were willing to go to the line and past the line, in terms of absurdity and trauma and pain. To me, the best humor and the best everything springs from pain. And if you understand that, you're going to be fearless. Because you can't throw anything at me that I haven't already dealt within myself."

Guerrero spoke about working with the cast, calling her co-stars "incredibly emphatic. We talk and cry... it's amazing to work with these people. As a human, you deal with things on a daily basis. I deal with trauma, and I feel like people connect to [Crazy Jane] because she rides that internal rollercoaster. We have to deal with these things, and that's why we have to talk about mental health... I cry all the time when I watch this show... it's so important to understand each other and to learn how to forgive each other."

The pair announced that there will in fact be coming back for a second season. The bizarre superhero series will return for a second season sometime in 2020. The series will also be making the jump to the newly announced HBO Max streaming service, along with DC Universe. New episodes will be released simoustanly on both DC Universe and HBO Max. HBO Max will also launch in 2020 and will do so with the first season of Doom Patrol.

Asked about what he'd like to see in season two, Carver said: "the writers and I have a bucket list, but we haven't had our big sit down about it." Guerrero said she's excited to see "more adventure. Working as a team, seeing some teamwork. Just getting deeper into each [personality]." Carver thanked the fans for helping bring the show back for a second season. "It's really lifted everyone, myself and the writers and the crew."

Next, the panel shifted to Titans is currently finishing up their production on the second season of the show. The first live-action DC Universe series, the series reimagines the Teen Titans in a grittier and more dramatic style. It's been formally announced that the series is officially returning later this year, and sooner than expected.

Titans Season 2 will begin streaming on DC Universe on September 6th. The cast and crew weren't present at the event, but a preview of the new season was screened, recapping the events of the previous season and showcasing new sequences from the second season of the show. They also introduced the Titans versions of Wonder Girl, Bruce Wayne and Deathstroke.

The pilot episode of Harley Quinn was screened to the audience. The animated series stars Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn, who introduced the first episode of the show via a video message. Cuoco is also serving as an executive producer on the show. Harley Quinn promises to be DC's answer to the irrelevant humor of Deadpool. The series is full of dark humor, cursing, and violence. The show centers on Harley after dumping Joker, endeavoring to replace Joker as the biggest supervillain in Gotham. The episode ended with a trailer for the season of the series, featuring villains like Doctor Psycho, Clayface and Kite Man.

Harley Quinn executive producers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern took the stage following the episode, along with supervising producer Jennifer Coyle. "It's been three years in development," Halpern explained. "We took a lot of time getting the pilot just right." The appearance of Kite Man proves that "DC was really open to use using whatever we needed. Geoff Johns was supportive of, he told us to make it funny." Schmmcker compar3ed Harley to Mary Tyler Moore if she was a killer. "We wanted her to be the center of a weird workplace comedy," he explained. "By episode four, she has her whole crew." Coyle revealed they spent "six months in production on the pilot... now we're halfway through now."

The crew revealed that the series has a huge voice cast, including Alan Tudyk as both the Joker and Clayface. "Our goal was to have comic actors, to make is such a comedy." Asked about her motivations, Schumacker said "She wants to be the criminal queen of Gotham. She wants to get noticed by the Legion of Doom, who are the Yankees of super-villainy. They don't have any women on their team, and they're going to notice her." The producers compared the relationship of Ivy and Harley to Ferris Bueller and his best friend Cameron. They were also excited to tease Bane, saying "we did a lot of Bane. What is he doing in-between blowing up Gotham stadium. Does he have someone he hates at Starbucks... the Legion of Doom treats Bane like shit, because that's what we'd figured they'd do."

The producers were looking for a unique voice to create a new version of Harley Quinn. Warner Bros. actually recommended Kaley Cuoco for the part, who was ecstatic to dive into something different following her sting on The Big Bang Theory. The producers were also ecstatic to find out that Bruce Timm had seen the show and loved it.



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