SDCC: DC Super-Producer Greg Berlanti Not Afraid of TV "Crisis"

In 2015, there are more superheroes on the small screen than ever before, thanks in no small part to Greg Berlanti, who executive produces The CW's "Arrow" and "Flash" series and, this fall, will add the "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" spinoff and, for CBS, "Supergirl" to his plate.

Berlanti has played a key role for both DC Entertainment and WBTV in their climb to the televised forefront, and Saturday at San Diego's Comic-Con International the writer/producer weighed in on the upcoming fall season, which will see his new "Supergirl" CBS series pitted against the second season of Fox's before-Batman cop drama "Gotham" in the same Monday night time slot.

Despite the glut of comic-adapted TV, the producer sees little threat of audiences being forced to pick between DC shows.

"I very much enjoy 'Gotham,'" Berlanti told Deadline Saturday, "I would watch both shows."

Maybe call it a rising tide to raise all caped ships.

"Both shows originate from the DC universe, but they're quite different and my sense is they'll both live very successfully."

Berlanti also had good news for those who enjoyed this year's "Flash"/ "Arrow" crossover, saying they wanted to make the show-combining event "an annual thing."

"What I really like about the crossover is it ends up making all the shows feel like there's truly a universe that all these characters are operating in," he told Deadline.

The "Legends of Tomorrow" show, which will incorporate multiple characters familiar to fans of DC's comics and shows, from the Atom to Vixen, is meant to build on that sense of sprawl.

"Hopefully with 'Legends' we'll find a whole other segment of the audience as well to add to that," he explained, adding "'Legends' will be very different from 'Flash,' which was different from 'Arrow.'"

It is Supergirl, however, that wears one of the planet's most recognizable logos across her chest, and with that iconography comes a certain responsibility. "Supergirl," whose pilot was screened on Wednesday's Preview Night, bears not only the responsibility of bringing a Kryptonian to the small screen, but also of being one of the most high-profile female superhero projects to date. In the pilot, the characters address the importance of positive female role models.

"I feel like it's important that we address (gender issues) because it's always important to try and figure out a way, narratively, to talk about what the audience is going to be talking about. Hopefully then there's an even more intimate relationship between the show and the people who are watching."

Berlanti is drawing on the experiences of his high-profile successes to put his shows in a position to succeed.

"As we've seen with 'Flash' and with 'Arrow,' one of the nice things about television is you can always keep deepening the characters."

With the big-screen "Batman v Superman" clash looming large on the minds of DC fans, Berlanti rejected that "Gotham" and Metropolis, or even National City, where TV's Kara Zor-El will make her home, be considered a rivalry.

"You have to focus on making the best 'Supergirl' you can and hope that you find your audience."

"Supergirl," "The Flash," "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow," air this fall. Check back with CBR all weekend for the latest from Comic-Con.

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