SDCC: DC Entertainment Unveils Final Justice League Kia Car

At a press conference prior to Comic-Con International 2013, DC Entertainment held a special press conference to unveil the final car in a series of Jim Lee-designed Kia vehicles, alongside the seven individual cars representing each member of the Justice League. The final car, which represented the League as a whole, was unveiled following remarks from DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, Kia's Scott McKee and eBay Managing Director of Emerging Verticals Gene Cook; as well as comments on the car's design process by Jim Lee.

After the car was revealed, Lee worked on a final panel of the trunk live in front of reporters. The car, along with many other pieces of original artwork and collectible items, are available in 10-day auctions on eBay to benefit DC's We Can Be Heroes initiative.

Check out Jim Lee's speech and photographs from the event below.

I just want to say that I think I have the best job in the world. I want to thank Diane and DC Entertainment for really letting me indulge my childhood passions -- whether that's comics, video games or cars. I spent a lot of time drawing and designing them as well. So being able to make a living being creative, getting to work with such collaborative people on such really cool partnerships like We Can Be Heroes is really a high point of my career, so thank you very much for that.

The chief challenge we had was 'How do we bring the Justice League to life through these cars?' When you think of the Justice League, you think of these seven, iconic, very powerful characters. Each of them embody a very special virtue, whether it's truth, justice, strength or equality -- but really, as Diane noted, the special message of the Justice League is what happens, what they can achieve when they come together. The whole is very much greater than the sum of the parts. So when we look at something like this campaign and apply them to thinking about real-life crises like the Horn of Africa, you realize that it's not enough for us to just step forward and be a hero. We actually have to band together. We have to work in unison with a determined effort to try to make a difference and that's the only way we can make an impact. So I want to thank the fans who have been contributing for about a year and a half. As Diane noted, we've raised over $2.3 million, which is a huge sum of money. I think it's a testament to the power of collaboration, it is a testament to the power of combined effort. Thank you guys so much for your support of us at DC Entertainment.

I also want to thank the folks at Kia. These guys have been great partners for over a year and half. It's been a real pleasure working with them on this campaign.

I want to thank Ryan and his amazing crew at West Coast Customs. They worked tirelessly, around the clock on some of these cars -- they worked on the Flash car, the Aquaman car and now this Justice League car. Rhino, who is his chief artist, his tool of the trade is working with airbrushes and he basically took the designs I sent from the DC New 52 and really brought them to life. It's a very, very striking image, it's a beautiful car. It's a Kia Silhouette and it's definitely worthy of the Justice League and it's definitely not something you'll misplace when you go to the parking garage. Also take time and check out the interior. It's beautifully done. Each seats -- there are 7 seats in the Sorento. Each seat represents a different member of the Justice League. Instead of running to the car screaming, "Shotgun, shotgun!" You're going to get fans like Geoff Johns screaming, "Aquaman! Green Lantern!" You're going to have to fight him tooth and nail to take those seats in the car.

We're very pleased with the outcome and we hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun in creating it.

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