SDCC: DC Collectibles Teases More Bombshells, Mother Box Replica

DC Collectibles held a special reception before the dawn of Comic-Con International 2014 to display many of the upcoming products from its different lines -- including Bombshell statues, action figures from its New 52 line, "Batman: The Animated Series," "Arrow," "Batman: Arkham Knight" and more -- including a new sculpt of Batgirl and Killer Croc from "Batman: The Animated Series"; wooden toys of Batman and Superman; stuffed toys of Deadman and a raven, and a close look at the Lois Lane DC Bombshells statue.

DC also shared some special extra preview pieces not being displayed over Comic-Con weekend, including New 52 figures for Harley Quinn in her roller-derby glory; The Joker as re-imagined by Tony S. Daniel in "Detective Comics" #1; and the New 52 version of John Stewart. Plus, DC Collectibles will continue its "Wonder Woman: The Art of War" statue from incoming series artist David Finch, and introduce a Harley Quinn statue based on the work of Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. Not only were there sculpts of figures for artist Jae Lee's designs on "Superman/Batman" for the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, DC also stated that figures based on Lee's designs for Catwoman and Wonder Woman were on the way.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, DC has plans to produce a light-up replica of a Mother Box. Unfortunately, none of the new products were available to photograph, but stay tuned for more details as DC Collectibles' 2015 schedule continues to take shape.

Take a look below for the official DC photos of the products, as well as photos of some of the displays below.

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