SDCC, Day 3 | The Force is with Marvel

Although Saturday at Comic-Con International was dominated by movies and television -- led by Warner Bros. Pictures, Marvel Studios and Legendary Pictures -- there was still room for plenty of comics news. First and foremost, the announcement of Marvel's Star Wars plans.

That line, telling canonical stories set between the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, launches in January with Star Wars, by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday, followed in February by Star Wars: Darth Vader, by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca with covers by Adi Granov, and in March by the miniseries Star Wars: Princess Leia, by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson.

"What's great about this time period is that all the characters are kind of on the table," Aaron told CBR News. "Of course this is still early on and these people have pretty much just met each and just come together. So they're still finding their place within this group and sort of figuring out their relationships with each other. Then there's the fact that when you look at the gap between Episode IV and Episode V there's some pretty major beats that happen off screen. So this gives up the opportunity to grab those beats and lay them down as part of the same canon as the movies."

Other announcements of note:

Fantagraphics will publish a collection of Liz Suburbia's webcomic Sacred Heart, as well as Lucy Knisley's travelogue Displacement.

UDON Entertainment unveiled a hefty slate that includes Ryou Akizuki's Kill la Kill manga adaptation, a collection of the ShiftyLook webcomic Katamari by Alex Culang and Raynato Castro, manga adaptations of The Scarlet Letter, Great Expectations and Emma, the second volume of Makeshift Miracle by Jim Zub and Shun Hong Chan, the artbooks Osamu Tezuka Anime Character Sketchbook and Osamu Tezuka Anime Character Illustrations, and a series of Robotech/Macross artbooks. See the full rundown on the publisher's website.

BOOM! Studios will bring back Snake Plissken in an Escape From New York ongoing series written by Christopher Sebela.

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples debuted the cover for the hardcover edition of Saga.

Action Lab Entertainment has acquired the license for the Puppet Master horror-movie franchise.

This occurred on Friday, but I'm including it here: Dark Horse and Mattel have partnered to produce The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the first official artbook devoted to the enduring property. It's due out in April.

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