SDCC, Day 0 | Annual ZombieWalk: San Diego canceled

There's no quiet before the storm: Even as attendees and exhibitors prepare for Preview Night, there's already plenty of Comic-Con International-related news unfolding. Here's just some of what we found this morning.

• With a trial looming following the car crash that marred last year's ZombieWalk: San Diego, organizers have announced that the popular annual event has been canceled. "The event is on indefinite hiatus due to legal matters stemming from the vehicular incident following last year's walk," they posted on their Facebook page. A woman was injured last year when driver Matthew Pocci drove through the crowd of spectators; Pocci, who is deaf, claims his family was frightened by the walkers. A judge has ordered him to stand trial on charges of felony reckless driving. [NBC 7 San Diego]

• Chances of a terrorist attack at Comic-Con are slim, but the San Diego police are ready. The department is also concerned about the simple logistics of having so many people in one place at one time — and with so many distractions. "People are so focused on the excitement of the event. They're focused on attractions that are set up in the downtown area, costumes that are walking by that they lose situational awareness," said Lt. Paul Connolly, who's in charge of the San Diego Police Department's security operations for the convention. [San Diego 6 News]

• Couldn't get a badge for Comic-Con? You can still join in the fun, as the event has spread outside the convention center into nearby parks and venues. Check out this list, which includes a fashion show, BOOM! Studios' 10th anniversary party, Gam3rCon and a Star Wars Fan Breakfast. [KGTV]

• Lisa Halverstadt looks at the reason for that con spread: The event has outgrown the San Diego Convention Center, and attempts to expand it on the current site have hit a snag. It's possible the expansion could be located a few blocks away, but Comic-Con organizers want a contiguous space. [Voice of San Diego]

• Getting a badge and a hotel room for Comic-Con is hassle enough — what about a parking spot? Here's some advice, which boils down to: Park offsite and take transit if you can; otherwise prepare to dig deep. There's even a helpful list of trolley stops with free parking. [Times of San Diego]

• Captain Marvel and Bitch Planet writer Kelly Sue DeConnick reflects on the good and the bad of Comic-Con — seeing old friends, encountering Chewbacca in a pedicab, not being able to cosplay because she's a creator. [KPCC]

• Meredith Woerner contemplates why San Diego is the right place for Comic-Con: "It's a perfect setting for flocks of enthusiastic teens wielding all too enthusiastic "free hugs" signs. It's earnest, even when it's not. Comic-Con wouldn't be the same sandwiched between the slot machines and the sport books of Vegas, or competing with the Disneyland tourists of Anaheim. In Los Angeles, everyone would just go home at night. But in San Diego, Comic-Con is its own weird little world. And in some form or another, it was always supposed to be that way." [LA Times]

• Kevin Doyle is such an ardent Star Wars fan, he had R2-D2 as his ring-bearer in his wedding, and he is walking 645 miles from Petaluma to San Diego dressed as a Stormtrooper in memory of his wife, Eileen, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a year after they were married and died in 2012. Doyle sees the walk as a way of remembering her and helping him to move on, and he is also raising funds for a charity, Eileen's Little Angels, which gives gift bags to children going through chemotherapy. [ABC 10 News]

• Daniel Cross tallies up the cost of going to Comic-Con, including badges, airfare, hotel, meals and, of course, costume. [GO Banking Rates]

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