SDCC: Damian Wayne Rules in New "Teen Titans" Art

During DC Comics' Young Gotham/Young Metropolis panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans took over the panel's spotlight for a while. Now, DC has released images shared by series artist Jonboy Meyers, featuring Damian Wayne/Robin, Raven, Kid Flash and Beast Boy.

Meyers explained that in designing his Titans, he wanted to maintain the look and color schemes of the characters' classic incarnations. The artist pointed specifically to Raven, explaining how he shifted her look away from her previous New 52 incarnation to a costume that reflected her pre-Flashpoint roots.

Meyers also gave an architectural overhaul to the team's classi T-shaped headquarters, Titans Tower. When you're young you want to forge your own path, and it's really important to have a place where you can express yourself," Meyers said of Damian Wayne's plan for the location. "It's hard to be a really cool Robin and be your own Robin when Batman is looking over your shoulder...you need a place where you can be a kid. Titans Tower is way cooler than the Watchtower or the Batcave."

Check out Meyers' Teen Titans designs, and a glimpse of his pencils for the team's new adventures, below. "Teen Titans" #1, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Jonboy Meyers, arrives October 26.

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