SDCC: Christopher Miller Responds To Some Outlandish Young Han Solo Casting Suggestions

In the wake of news that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord would be helming a young Han Solo spinoff, the possibilities of casting sent the internet into a frenzy. So naturally this topic came up at the "Last Man on Earth" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, where executive producer Miller  was in attendance to promote season two.

When Miller was asked if a clean-shaven Will Forte might have a shot at fronting the "Star Wars" prequel, the "Last Man On Earth"s star gamely began miming lassoing, fist-fighting, and other ambigious "action" moves, before belting out a Chewbacca call. Miller responded with a grin, and joked, "Young Han Solo? For sure. He's already got it down, clearly, the lassoing action. But it feels like he's auditioning for Chewbacca to me."

Forte's co-star Kristen Schaal interjected to ask if it's true that Miller was considering casting one of the heartthrobs from the boy band One Direction."All those rumors are super true," Miller kidded, earning warm laughs from the crowd.

"Last Man on Earth" season two kicks off September 27th.  The Han Solo Anthology Film is slated for May 25, 2018.



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