SDCC | Check out the mind-altering map of DC's Multiverse

Ahead of this afternoon's DC Comics panel for The Multiversity at Comic-Con International, EW.com has debuted the mind-blowing -- or is that mind-altering? -- map of the DC Universe conceived by Grant Morrison.

Although the resolution isn't high enough to make out all of the details, you can easily spot locations like the Source Wall, the Speed Force Wall, Dream, Apokolips, New Genesis, Skyland, the House of Heroes and the Rock of Eternity. The type in the Star Trek-like "Shift Ship Classification" on the right is a little too small for old tired eyes.

The map will undoubtedly be spotlighted, if not necessarily explained, at the 3 p.m. panel, which features Morrison and collaborator Cameron Stewart. Perhaps they'll even turn on the blacklights. (Also be sure to visit EW to see Morrison's original sketch for the map.)

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