SDCC: Butch Guice Teams with William Gibson for IDW's "Archangel"

IDW Publishing teased a comic book project with celebrated sci-fi author William Gibson back in May, and announced new details -- including an artist and a title -- Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Gibson will team with acclaimed comics illustrator Butch Guice for "Archangel," scheduled to debut in 2016. Here's the official description: "'Archangel' is a wild time travel romp between the closing days of World War II and a present day United States that doesn't look a thing like our present day. Archangel is full of classic William Gibson plot twists, dialog, characters and settings. Post apocalyptic cyberpunk World War time travel storytelling at it's finest."

"My mood board: Atmospheric. Melancholy. Ominous. Dirty," Gibson, the writer of influential cyberpunk novel "Neuromancer," said in a statement. "We knew Butch was right from the first day and we're thrilled to have him on this project!"

As previously revealed by Gibson, "Archangel" was originally developed as a screenplay with actor Michael St. John Smith before transitioning into a comic book series. "Archangel" is scheduled to debut in 2016.

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