SDCC: Archie CEO Goldwater Talks Live-Action "Riverdale" TV Series at The CW

The previously announced Archie Comics-based "Riverdale" TV project originally developed for Fox has moved networks to The CW, as reported Friday by Deadline. The other details remain the same: The pilot, characterized as a "subversive" take on classic Archie characters, was written by Archie Chief Creative Officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and executive produced by Greg Belanti, who already has current comics-to-TV success on The CW with "Arrow" and "The Flash."

Archie Entertainment Publisher & CEO Jon Goldwater spoke to CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland on the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego about "Riverdale," the one-hour drama's move to The CW and the show's "current, modern, live-action take of Archie and Betty and Veronica."

On Archie's big news from the convention, a live-action "Riverdale" on The CW:

Jon Goldwater: We have a TV series written by our Chief Creative Officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, produced by the mighty Greg Berlanti who does "Arrow" and "Flash" and tons of other things right now, he's got "Supergirl" coming and all sorts of fantastic stuff. So we are producing a television series called "Riverdale" for The CW.

It is the perfect place, we are excited beyond belief and we are announcing it right here at Comic-Con, and Jonah you are the first to hear about it.

This is a current, modern, live-action take of Archie and Betty and Veronica. It's the love triangle with a lot of surprises. Very current, very modern, not anything that's retro or that anyone could view as stuck in the past. It's contemporary high school 2016 of Archie and the gang.

So it's going to be fantastic, we're gonna bring in some other characters from the Archie Universe which Roberto can talk to you about. We're expanding, it's not just the Riverdale gang. You know, we have a big library of characters, so some of them are gonna be there as well and the show is going to be called "Riverdale."

On whether there are plans to introduced new characters on the show and bring them into the comics:

I leave that completely up to Roberto and Greg, but I think right now we have such a rich library of characters that I think the initial season anyway is gonna be focusing on the characters everybody knows, especially Archie, Betty and Veronica. Those are the main characters that are gonna pull the show forward. Jughead's gonna have a big part. Of course Kevin Keller is gonna be a major part of this as well. Look, down the line, or even Season 1 if Roberto and Greg think it makes sense, that would be great.

And yeah, I'm open to bringing anything into the publishing universe. For me, the publishing is all about having fun and enjoying what you're doing and putting out books that are entertaining. That's how we feel about the TV series as well. We want to entertain people.

On when the pilot will be cast and produced:

I think we're talking very soon. I think you're talking the top of 2016, I think we're right there.

On whether any plans for the show affected the direction of the publishing line and how it changes the perception of Archie as a company even further:

Our publishing line is all independent. It's independent but it all runs, as you suggested, concurrently, at the same time. This is a game changer. I want that target on my back. If you remember, you and I spoke a few years ago and I said, 'I want to be in the same sandbox as Marvel, the same sandbox as DC.' We're gonna play together in this sandbox, and there's room for all of us because Archie is its own thing, and Archie is, next year, 75 years-old. We're as iconic as any of their characters. Yeah, I want that target on my back. Bring it on.

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